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April Birthstone: Diamonds

April Birthstone: Diamonds | Vardy's Jewelers Bay Area

April’s birthstone is the diamond. Diamonds have been revered as a symbol of the richness of the Self, inspiring creativity, ingenuity, inventiveness, endurance and abundance in all areas of life. As the hardest mineral of all, it is especially esteemed for its beauty, purity, and ability to reflect light.

As long-time jewelers, we receive many questions about diamonds from our customers, the most popular is, “why are diamonds so expensive?” The answer is almost as faceted as a diamond itself! Here are a few factors that contribute to diamonds being highly prized and typically more expensive than other gemstones.

  • Diamonds are actually quite rare.
  • They are formed over many centuries (in contrast to manufactured diamonds which are quickly formed).
  • The bigger and better quality they are, the more rare they become.
  • It takes an expert hand to cut and polish a diamond. Hearts on Fire (TM) cuts take about 4 times longer to cut than an average diamond. The payoff is in greater brilliance emerging from a raw diamond.
  • Only .01% of 1% of available diamonds is able to be cut perfectly, further narrowing the window of such rare and perfect specimens.

Specific factors such as cut and color are taken into consideration when grading and pricing diamonds relative to each other. Some basic knowledge will not only unlock the mystery of a diamond’s quality, it will help you understand a diamond’s value and price. To help you in your search for the perfect diamond, we’ve created an in-depth guide to understanding the 4 C’s:

Part 1. Cut

Part 2. Carat

Part 3. Color

Part 4. Clarity

At Vardy’s, we believe there is a 5th “C” that should be taken into account: the diamond’s GIA Certificate. A diamond grading report from an unbiased, scientific source such as GIA is more than important information, it’s proof of what you’re purchasing. The differences in diamonds can be so subtle, even a trained jeweler can’t recognize them without lab verification. A diamond certificate is an indisputable verification of its quality.

Questions about diamonds? See our Diamond Guide, text us at 408-446-2900, or fill out our Contact Form.