A Complete Beginners Guide To Diamond Fashion Jewelry

As Marilyn Monroe once said, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. This is a concept here at Vardy’s we understand to be so true, you’ll never catch Fanya – one of the owners – without her diamonds. 

As uniquely beautiful these stones are, it is important to understand their significance and how to wear them beautifully to exude your own personality and glamour. In the spirit of education, we have prepared this guide to shed light on the topic and bring beauty to your wardrobe. 

Keep reading to learn more about necklaces, bracelets, and earrings adorned by this timeless, graceful, and alluring gemstone.


Diamond Rings

If you want to have that perfect ace up your sleeve to ensure a heart melting ring for that special someone; diamond fashion rings will  be your go-to choice. Here at Vardy’s Jewelers, we keep a collection so versatile, it is sought out by every generation. 

Diamond rings come in different styles, such as dainty stackable bands and captivating oversized designs. These marvelous rings are perfect to match outfits that bring an impact, allowing you to play around with different textures, metals, and colors without losing their sparkle. With these charming gemstones on, you will always feel like a Hollywood star. 

Not to mention, dainty rings can also be a subtle item to include in your everyday wear, adding just the perfect amount of extra sparkle. 

Diamond Necklaces and Pendants

Diamond Necklaces and Pendants

Undoubtedly, necklaces are super versatile pieces that are worn to add the right amount of charm and elegance to your look. In the case of pendants, it is impressive how small details can change everything, from an alluring fashion sense to the vibe a person exudes. 

Besides, diamond necklaces and pendants can be your best asset to complete an outfit, or even when you need to enhance your look to make a statement. These special gemstones are here to magnify your beauty with a pristine and enthralling touch!

Diamond Bracelets

Diamond Bracelets

Talking about personal magnetism and apparel, we must mention how powerful bracelets can be. These marvelous pieces can embrace your arm and hand movements with grace in a mesmerizing way. This is the perfect way for you to embody eye-catching fashion jewelry that best represents your essence.

Diamond bracelets, such as stylish tennis bracelets, sleek paper clip chains, charming curvy bangles, stunning diamond bangles, and cuffs, are perfect for balancing and matching the other jewelry you are wearing. It is in the small details that your personality shines through.

diamond earrings

Diamond Earrings

Nothing says remarkable and striking like diamond earrings. From dainty or large inside-out hoops to trendy drop earrings, dreamy rose gold lighting bolt studs and graceful butterfly shaped studs, you can get the most out of this timeless gemstone in a variety of shapes, settings, and styles.

If brightness is not your favorite factor and you want to follow a more modern aesthetic, there is also a mysterious and intricate option: the black diamond. This gemstone is perfect to bring a subtle look in a set of earrings that embody lightness, movement, and grace.

Now with these tips, you can definitely find a diamond fashion jewelry piece unique to your taste. Make sure to choose something that speaks to your soul as it shows off your best side.

Where to shop the best diamond fashion jewelry in Cupertino, CA

Here at Vardy’s Jewelers, we share a passion for beautiful jewelry and exceptional customer care as a family business in Cupertino since 1981. In addition, you’ll have many benefits when buying with us, such as personal customer service, lifetime warranty, lifetime diamond upgrade, free engraving, and much more.

Our decades of expertise in the European tradition ensure that we always make one-of-a-kind pieces, which turns our store into the right place to pick the perfect diamond fashion jewelry for you.

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