An Essential Guide To Choosing A Beautiful Engagement Ring

Choosing the right engagement ring is a very important part of a marriage proposal. After all, besides being beautiful, they’re a great symbol to celebrate true love. So, if you want to propose to your girlfriend but are unsure what engagement ring to choose, this guide is exactly what you’re looking for!

Diamond Engagement Ring

Which engagement rings are the best?

Indeed, the best engagement rings may vary from person to person and are solely up to the bride and groom and their personal preferences. There is neither right nor wrong when it comes to your choice.

You have complete control over the style and size of the engagement ring. It could be made of diamonds, a solitaire (a ring with only one diamond), or a combination of gems in various settings. As said above, what really matters is the couple’s preferences and sense of style.

However, suppose you are unsure about which type is perfect for your proposal and want to make the best decision possible. In that case, a useful tip is to select a high-quality ring that will show her your love, such as Vardy’s Handmade Engagement Rings or Hearts on Fire engagement rings (we are one of only 25 HOF-certified repair centers worldwide and have been a top producer for Hearts on Fire since 1991)! 

When it comes to diamond settings, the possibilities are endless! While each design shows off your diamond(s) uniquely and beautifully, certain styles may be more your style.  Here’s a brief introduction to some popular styles you should know:

Solitaire Engagement Ring


For the classic bride-to-be, a solitaire engagement ring is perfect. A solitaire ring is one of the most popular settings, which features a traditionally appealing style that focuses only on the central stone.

In contrast to today’s trendier styles, they have a more straightforward and minimalist design while still being strong and featuring a lovely diamond. You can’t go wrong with them, because they are classic pieces of jewelry that will never go out of style.

Halo Diamond Engagement Ring


A diamond halo surrounds the center diamond with a beautiful halo style, boosting its shine and casting a shine and focus on the center diamond. This exquisite style is perfect for those who want to highlight their engagement because of its wonderful design.

The halo engagement ring setting can emphasize the diamond, which also beautifully conveys your love. Round pavé or micro-pavé diamonds are used to encircle a central gemstone in this setting.

Three Stone Engagement Ring

Three Stone

A central diamond and two side diamonds are used in three stone rings. They also go by the name “Past, Present, and Future” rings and have a timeless appearance. You can further personalize three stone rings by selecting the metal, several prong types, and band treatments.

Engagement rings with three stones are a gorgeous choice for the ultimate proposal. The side stone can be diamonds, sapphires, or rubies, to name a few different options to accent the center diamond.  On either side of the center stone are accent stones.

The three stones can all have different shapes or the same, while the other three-stone engagement rings with side stones just show a few little diamonds.

What hand and finger does the engagement ring go on


This is a popular question among younger couples, and the answer involves fascinating facts about world history. The tradition of wearing an engagement ring on the fourth finger of the left hand can be traced back to the Ancient Romans and many Western countries.

They thought this finger possessed a vein that led straight to the heart – the Vena Amoris – which means “love vein.”

This was regarded as the greatest finger to wear your engagement ring on because the heart is at the center of your emotions. It displayed the emblem of your eternal love and revealed that someone had claimed your heart.

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