Jewelry Repair Services

Did you know that Vardy's Jewelers originally started out as just a repair shop? When Vardy came to the U.S. from Estonia in 1981, he started out small. He made his living repairing the work of other jewelers around the Bay Area. After a while, he grew tired of constantly repairing other people's work, so he decided to make his own custom jewelry that lasts! Thus, our own Vardy's Jewelers line was born. From there, his business took off! 

While we now have our own jewelry line, top-of-the-line vendors, and master jewelers who specialize in bespoke jewelry, we still thrive in jewelry repair! View our full list of services below!


  • Soldering
    • broken chains 
    • broken rings 
    • rings together 
    • charms 
  • Jump rings or O rings
  • Necklace clasps and bails
  • Sizings
    • rings
      • sizing assistants
    • bracelets
    • necklaces 
  • Ring re-shanking 
  • Cutting off rings
  • Watch batteries
  • Pearls
    • restringing
    • clasps
    • gluing  
  • Earrings
    • backings 
    • posts 
  • Enameling and plating
  • Engraving 
  • Polishing and refinishing 
  • Stones
    • setting 
    • cutting 
    • sourcing
  • Complimentary jewelry cleaning and inspections
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