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Vardy’s Jewelers is a manufacturer and offers on-site removal of jewelry that may become stuck and a potential danger to a client due to loss of blood circulation. Vardy’s also provides jewelry repair services to prevent loss of diamonds and precious gemstones that may fall out of damaged or broken pieces.

In general, we are scheduling curbside appointments except as described below. We will make every effort to ensure your curbside appointment results in a successful outcome for your needs. Please be sure to include your cell phone and email address so we may contact you to prepare for your appointment. Our appointments calendar allows for bookings within our current opening hours:

  • Wednesday, 10am-6pm (last appointment: 5.30pm)
  • Thursday, 10am-6pm (last appointment: 5.30pm)
  • Friday, 10am-6pm (last appointment: 5.30pm)
  • Saturday, 10am-5pm (last appointment: 4:45pm)

Customers with an urgent issue will need to make a carefully-coordinated in-person appointment. If an in-person appointment is required, Vardy’s Jewelers will follow a strict protocol to ensure the safety of all involved:

  1. Only employees deemed essential workers will be inside the shop; Vardy’s has made provisions for its non-essential employees to work from home.
  2. For urgent issues, customers must text Vardy’s Jewelers (408-446-2900) so a jewelry expert can determine if an in-person visit is necessary.
  3. Customers must text Vardy’s upon their arrival for a necessary appointment.
  4. Customers and essential employees must wear a mask at all times while conducting necessary business within the store. For security reasons, customers are required to briefly remove their mask outside the store so Vardy’s may capture their photo with onsite security cameras. An essential Vardy’s employee will indicate when the photo has been taken and the customer may re-don their mask.
  5. An essential Vardy’s employee will open the door for the customer and step aside to let customer in.
  6. The customer will then need to sanitize their hands at Vardy’s automatic hand sanitizer station before proceeding.
  7. Everyone will be required to maintain a safe distance of 6 feet from any other person AT ALL TIMES.
  8. Vardy’s will have a jar of alcohol to pre-treat any jewelry brought in for repair. Customers must deposit their jewelry in the jar; an essential Vardy’s employee will remove jewelry from the jar.

We want to ensure that your engagements, birthdays, anniversaries and grad gifts can still happen right now. Message us at 408-446-2900 for a personalized experience.

With our Online Shop, you may make purchases from the comfort of your home—we will safely and securely ship your order to your front door. We also offer gift cards that are emailed to your loved ones.

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Why We're Different

Our jewelry is handmade in our family-owned store in Cupertino, California. We are accredited jewelry professionals as well as a certified Green Business. We carry the best selection of colored gemstones in the Bay Area and can cut your emeralds, rubies, sapphires and other gems in our workshop.

We source diamonds or other fine jewelry from the world's best vendors like Hearts on Fire (TM). We are a top producer for Hearts on Fire (15 years and counting) and are one of only 25 HOF certified repair centers in the world.


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