Vardy’s Eco-Friendly Jewlery are Made with Recycled Gold and Platinum


Precious gold jewelry can be recycled and turn into renewable resource. To minmize the demand for newly mined gold, we cast with 100% recycled and re-fined precious metals. It is a good feeling to get rid of your unused jewelry and minimize environmental effects of metal mining.

Customers often bring us a handful of broken or outdated jewelry. Here are the steps of recycling them:

  1. We test the content of gold to determine the gold value of the day.
  2. We remove stones that the customers would like to keep and design a new piece of jewelry.
  3. We melt the precious metal in store and cast it into ingots. Then we send them to refinaries that adhere to the strictest EPA standards.
  4. The gold then will be return to us in pure gold beads. We alloy them into karat gold to fabricate new jewelery or repairs.

Vardy’s is proud to be a socially and environmentally responsible Jeweler!