Myth Busters

Myth Buster #2

Fact or Fiction: All lab-grown diamonds are conflict free

Answer: Fiction!!!

No matter where you purchase your diamond from, you absolutely need to fact-check the original source. This includes lab-grown, synthetic, or man-made diamonds. 


For starters, lab-grown diamonds are actually not made in laboratories, they're mass-produced in factories. Why are they called lab-grown diamonds then? To sound more marketable and make consumers feel better about purchasing them. 

Many lab-grown diamond companies do not use renewable energy to power the factories. They burn fossil fuels! How much? Up to 40% more fossil-fuel energy PER CARAT than natural diamonds.

We also need to consider who owns these lab-grown diamond companies. Where are these factories based out of? How are they being funded? Do they have political motivations? Do they donate to specific charities? How are the employees treated? 
Like many other factory settings, these questions are difficult to answer for a reason, and should be researched before purchasing. 

(Pictures from, "Truth behind lab-created diamonds starts to be exposed" - Jeweller Magazine)

What can I do now?

1. Reconsider natural! If diamonds being conflict-free is the most important on your list, you should reconsider natural. The fact of the matter is, there is much more research done on natural diamonds vs. lab-grown diamonds. Many natural diamond corporations can trace and advertise the source of origin.

2. Shop small and not large corporations!  Here at Vardy's we make our jewelry in house and can ensure integrity from the point of origin of the diamond to the final product.