The Hearts on Fire® Story

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Hearts on Fire diamonds are unlike any other diamonds in the world. This brief article explains how the company started and how they began cutting the world’s most perfectly cut diamond.

This is straight off the Hearts on Fire website — you can check it out here:

“Our story begins with diamonds – but not just any diamonds. Hearts on Fire goes above and beyond in every step of the diamond making process, from its earthly source to its breathtaking, brilliant finale.

Founded in 1996 by Glenn and Susan Rothman, Hearts On Fire is known as the World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond®. It was the world’s first branded diamond, the only diamond that is absolutely perfect in every way – a perfect ring of eight hearts when viewed from the bottom and a perfectly formed symmetrical fireburst of light when seen from the top. That’s the perfection of a Hearts On Fire diamond. It’s a perfection you can see and a perfection that still stands alone today.

To achieve this rare brilliance, each and every one of our diamonds is crafted by hand. We select less than 1/10 of one percent of the world’s raw diamonds. We entrust them to less than 400 people in the world who are qualified to create a Hearts On Fire quality diamond. And we cut and polish at 100x magnification – 10x the industry standard. This is why Hearts On Fire has become the world’s most trusted diamond brand.

But Hearts On Fire is about more than just diamonds. It’s about love and emotion, about romance and passion. This year celebrating our 15-year anniversary, it is with extreme pride that the entire Hearts On Fire family still maintains its passion for perfection and its drive for change. As Glenn recently said, “The world is constantly evolving and change is inevitable. It may be risky and uncomfortable to take a step forward and embrace that change, but it needs to happen. And the world is ready for a change now.”

What was unthinkable 15 years ago is reality today. Hearts On Fire thinks it’s time for a quantum leap – a paradigm shift that will disrupt the industry as we know it. If you want to be a part of this new era of innovation, we encourage you to stick around. We promise you won’t be disappointed.

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