FAQ# 1

What is the difference between Gold-Plated, Gold-Filled, Hollow Gold, and Solid Gold? Which one should I buy? 



Gold-plated items consist of an extremely thin layer of gold over a different base metal - such as silver, brass, etc. Once the gold layer wears off, the base metal will show and can even cause your skin to discolor. These pieces do not typically have a lasting durability and will need repairs more often. These repairs will also be more noticeable than solid gold pieces. 




Layers of gold are pressure bonded to the base metal. There are more gold layers than gold-plated pieces, however, it still consists of little-to-no-value of gold. Gold-filled pieces are still not as durable as solid gold.


Hollow Gold

There is empty space present inside of the piece. It is gold, however it is less gold usage. This results in the piece to be damaged easier (bent and dents are common), however a cheaper price. You can tell the difference between hollow gold and solid gold by the weight of the piece. Repairs are more common, noticeable, and harder to perform on than regular gold.


Solid Gold

This is the best gold to purchase if you want quality and longevity. Vardy's typically likes to work with 14 karat or 18 karat when working with gold. These are actually much stronger and more durable than 22 karat or 24 karat gold. The entire piece is made out of gold; not plated, pressure bonded, or with empty spaces. Vardy's gold pieces are meant for multiple lifetimes as you pass them down from generation to generation.