Permanent Jewelry for Permanent Friendships FAQs

Permanent Jewelry FAQs

  1. What is permanent jewelry?
    1. These are special bracelets without a clasp, welded at the ideal length right onto you. Perfect to show appreciation and commitment to friends, family members, and partners.
  2. Does it hurt?
    1. Absolutely not! This is a, quick, fun, and safe, 15-minute process!
  3. What types of metals do you use?
    1. 14 karat gold and silver.
  4. What is the cost?
    1. The pricing will vary depending on the type of metal, the design of chain, and whether you choose to have a permanent bracelet or anklet! The starting cost is around $75 and can reach up to around $180.
  5. How long will it stay on for?
    1. Your jewelry should stay on for as long as you want it to! If it does happen to come off, we will do the first re-soldering for free. If you wish to remove it, you can do so by cutting it off.
  6. Can I go through airport security with it?
    1. Yes! We’ve never had an issue with it going through security.
  7. Is there an age limit?
    1. No age limit! However, we do suggest minors to be accompanied by an adult.


Event FAQs

  1. Will Vardy’s still be open for regular business hours?
    1. Yes! Absolutely. Feel free to come in for any repairs, custom jobs, or regular purchases.
  2. What time should I arrive for my PJ appointment?
    1. Please arrive promptly as we are fully booked. 10 mins prior preferred.
  3. What is the Howberrylovely pop-up?
    1. Howberrylovely is a company who thrives on beautiful desserts including chocolate covered strawberries, cakesicles, cheesecake shooters, and more!
  4. What should I be expecting from Design On Trend?
    1. Design on Trend will have the latest and best fashion for you to browse and purchase! Anythign from the best pair of jeans, to the comfiest sweaters and popular accessories.
  5. What are the raffle prizes? How do I enter?
    1. The raffle prizes will vary between trending pieces of jewelry to Vardy’s Gift Cards! You can enter by showing up! When you bring a friend, you can double your entries.
  6. Will there be walk-ins to this event?
    1. Yes! Anyone is welcomed to our event to browse beautiful jewelry, the latest fashion trends, and check out the cutest (and spookiest) desserts. However, our PJ service is fully booked.
  7. I wanted to get PJ, but couldn’t get an appointment. What should I do?
    1. Not a problem! Fill out our contact form on our Permanent Jewelry page and you’ll be the first to know and you’ll have first dibs to our next PJ event.

Any other questions? Please contact us at