Hearts On Fire

The world’s most perfectly cut diamonds


Vardy’s proudly carries the world’s most perfectly cut diamonds, Hearts On Fire, The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond™. Cut from the only the top 1% of the world’s raw diamonds, Hearts on Fire Diamonds are cut by an elite group of craftsmen working at 100X magnification (10X the industry standard) resulting in a perfectly cut diamond. Brilliant.

Why Settle For Less Than Perfection

Celebrate life’s adventures with The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond. Hearts On Fire is globally renowned for its exclusive cut, which creates a diamond that sparkles like no other. No other diamond in the world comes close. Because no other diamond goes so far for perfection. Whether you are considering one of the exquisite Diamond Engagement Ring designs or searching for that perfect fashion piece, the Hearts On Fire Collection offers a spectacular look for everyone and offers the Ultimate Recognition Experience.

Why Cut Is So Important

The World’s Most Perfectly Cut Diamond begins with the world’s most perfect gemstones. Hearts On Fire diamonds are selected from the top 1% of gem-quality rough diamonds, from only conflict-free sources. Hearts On Fire artisans take four times as long to cut and polish our diamonds. Of a diamond’s 4Cs – cut, clarity, color and carat weight – only cut is under man’s control. And cut is what best reveals a diamond’s beauty. When a diamond is perfectly cut, a natural phenomenon of light occurs, creating a ring of flawlessly matched hearts seen from the bottom and a brilliant eight-pointed Fireburst on top. Hence the rather unique name.

The Ultimate Recognition

Internationally acclaimed for its signature cut, a Hearts On Fire diamond’s extraordinary light can be seen from 10 tables away, even in candlelit settings. Its brilliance and beauty make you the center of attention. Simply stated, you light up the room when your heart’s on fire. Hearts On Fire diamond jewelry is designed with exquisite detail to showcase the brilliance and intensity of this superlative diamond. Search for your perfect design and see how beautiful you feel when your heart’s on fire.

Why We're Different

Our jewelry is handmade in our family-owned store in Cupertino, California. We are certified gemologists and accredited jewelry professionals as well as a certified Green Business. We carry the best selection of colored gemstones in the Bay Area and can cut your emeralds, rubies, sapphires and other gems in our workshop.

We source diamonds or other fine jewelry from the world's best vendors like Hearts on Fire (TM). We are a top producer for Hearts on Fire (15 years and counting) and are one of only 25 HOF certified repair centers in the world.

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