Customer Stories

Behind every beautiful piece of jewelry, there is an equally beautiful story. A romantic proposal, a special occasion, or a touching memory are all reasons why our customers keep coming back to Vardys. Here are a few of our treasured customer stories.

Tyllen & Alma

Tyllen created an elaborate ruse to pull off the perfect holiday surprise proposal to Alma. The endeavor, code named, “The Alma” is presented here in all its glory. Tyllen worked with our team to design the perfect ring for his beautiful bride.

Danny & Gina

A surprise proposal on a kayak in the middle of the San Francisco Bay sets a high bar for special memories! For the ring, Danny proposed using Gina’s Grandmother’s ring. They worked with Vardy’s to reset the ring and reimagine the ring’s details to Gina’s tastes.

James & Meredith

A magical first kiss sealed the deal. For a magical engagement ring, they came to Vardy’s family-owned jewelers. We took James’ initial ideas and transformed them into a beautiful custom engagement ring, and a memory forever.

Christopher & Kristina

Great tastes in food bought them together, great tastes in jewelry bought them to Vardy’s! Really great service from the whole family is the key ingredient that Christopher & Kristina love about our store.

Kevin & Deena

When Kevin proposed to Deena, the ring needed to have “Grandpa’s Touch” – after all, Grandpa Lee mined the Sapphires used in the ring. Fortunately, Grandpa Lee had known and worked with Vardy for decades. The custom-designed setting, with a beautiful Hearts on Fire diamond, created the ultimate personalized engagement ring.

Howard & Lorraine

Howard wanted to propose to Lorraine with a special Emerald – however the stone needed to be cut and designed into a custom setting. Fortunately for them, he discovered that Vardy’s Jewelers are experts in cutting precious stones, as well as designing unique jewelry.

Marcel & Arianne

When Marcel proposed to Arianne on the dry lakebed of Death Valley, her reaction was as priceless as the custom engagement ring designed with Vardys Jewelers.

Evan & Christina

Evan captures the moment of his proposal to Christina in this touching home movie.

The Irving Family Story

The Irving Family have been Vardy’s customers for years, but it wasn’t until Pat & Don started examining the family heirlooms that they realized just how special Vardy’s custom jewelry can be.