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    Vardy's Jewelers Location: 10227 So De Anza Blvd Cupertino, CA 95014 Phone: +14084462900
  • Lauren B.

    Lauren B.

    I recently inherited a few rings from my Aunt and not being too familiar with jewelry wanted to find out which had real stones and which did not. Vardy's was wonderful!  Vardy himself came out to help identify the rings and carefully looked them over. While I was waiting they even cleaned my wedding rings for me at no cost. Amazing customer service from Elena and Vardy.  Elena showed me some great options for what I can do to reset the stones into a necklace. I can't wait to go back to have a necklace made soon. So happy to have found a beautiful, friendly neighborhood jewelry store. Thank you Vardy's!
  • Linda Z.

    Linda Z.

    Finding a jeweler you can trust is sooo important & I'm happy I came into Vardy's because I know I'm in good hands.

    Came by to drop off a few pieces for repair and had a lovely experience. The staff is kind, knowledgeable, & transparent. I was told what could & could not be fixed with some of the items i brought, the time frame for the repairs, & price transparency. I look forward to coming back to pick up my items.
  • Donnna S.

    Donnna S.

    We stumbled upon Vardy's during our search for engagement rings and we were pleasantly surprised at the selection they had. I had the pleasure of working with the owner who was very professional and helped my fiancé and I design a ring that my fiancé is extremely happy and enamored with! He was very patient with our requests and he did a perfect job. Thank you for everything! I highly recommend Vardy's Jewelers jewelry line.
  • Elena L.

    Elena L.

    Couldn't recommend Vardy's enough! Went there yesterday with my boyfriend to get a set of rings we made in Japan cleaned. We were lucky enough to be greeted and helped by Vardy himself, who had our rings like new in no-time! Seriously, it took probably a total of 5 minutes for Vardy to have both our rings unrecognizably shiny and better than the day we got them! He also didn't charge us for the cleaning for how simple and quick it was, which was incredibly appreciated.

    It was my first time going to a jeweler's that offered services like Vardy's so I also took in a few pieces of old jewelry with stones I was always curious to know the authenticity of. I wasn't looking to sell them or know their quality, so I didn't opt for a full appraisal, but Vardy was kind enough to provide a quick and complimentary inspection anyway. I appreciated his caution in relaying his findings because he wasn't quick to guarantee any of his thoughts since he hadn't performed any official testing. Even without anything "official," I still felt his inspection provided answers to the questions I had been wondering for years. I was also impressed by how much he could ascertain from a quick look at the stones and how kind he was to even look at them and share his professional opinion at all!

    While there, we browsed the jewelry a little bit and got to see the beautiful pieces in stock. Every piece was stunning, unique, and quality. Vardy even showed us some pieces with colored stones his team had just finished production on, and wow, they were showstopping! We also chatted with Vardy throughout our entire visit, and he is hands-down one of the best professionals I have ever had the pleasure of working with. He is personable, genuine, loves what he does, and hilarious too!

    If you're looking for a jewelry store backed by knowledge, integrity, quality work, and kind and friendly personnel, Vardy's is your place to go. I hope to be back soon!
  • Mila S.

    Mila S.

    I've heard about this business from someone in my community. People said that there are reliable and skilful jewellers at Vardy's. So when I needed to adjust a bracelet on my watch, I went there. My first observation was that everyone is friendly here. Literally everyone, including the security, is welcoming you. Although everyone was busy with clients, and I had to wait for a little while, I felt comfortable because I was welcomed and taken care of.

    I thought that the jewellers must be very busy. However, the owner himself came to the store and helped me with the watch. The order was ready within 5 minutes. I had to come back on the next day, because I wanted to add one more link to the bracelet. The work was done for me with no problem, with the same friendliness and patience.

    I just want to emphasize -- neither did I intend to buy a diamond ring, nor did I wave a wad of money. My only request was to change the length of a bracelet on a modest watch. I was amazed by how respectful and kind was the attitude here. I would call it the gold standard -- both in business and in human interactions.

    I have a couple of jewellery projects on my mind. If I will decide to work on them, I will definitely go to Vardy's. Even if I won't, I will recommend this place to each and every of my friends, should they need high quality work and attitude. Thank you.
  • Ernest R.

    Ernest R.

    I had a pair of glasses break and was told by the eye doctor they weren't fixable. Took them to Vardy's, and received absolutely amazing service. The gentleman that helped me explained what he could and could t do. When he found out I was wanting them for a trip next week, he was kind enough to expedite my order. Blown away by not only the service, but the knowledge of the staff as well. I hope to not need any jewelry repairs in the near future, but if I do, I'll definitely be heading back. I left feeling like a life long customer not a new one. Can't recommend enough.
  • Swim S.

    Swim S.

    I have visited them twice to ask about repairs to pieces of jewelry I already own and think the staff is wonderful.
    They are interested in what you have to say and answer questions and provide ideas. Plus they have so many beautiful items. I am planning on working with them to create some custom pieces and fee that I can work with them and trust them to do a great job
  • Donna M.

    Donna M.

    Don't forget to clean your jewelry. It will look beautiful forever. Misha does amazing work cleaning and polishing. It's hypnotic to watch when the light catches the brilliance of a piece that I'm wearing. People just can't take their eyes off of it. Kinda like a cat chasing a laser beam. Elena, has helped me purchase gifts for my family and myself. She makes it so much fun. I always feel so happy and relaxed after I leave. Great therapy!
  • Anne Marie C.

    Anne Marie C.

    Excellent service, nice atmosphere. I've been a customer since 2016. Had a ring appraised, purchased jewelry as gifts, and for myself and had jewelry repaired. The staff is very friendly and approachable. When you enter the store everyone is very welcoming and helpful. The jewelry displays are very eye catching. Wonderful service by Misha and Bailey.  I highly recommend Vardy's.
  • Ha T.

    Ha T.

    I've been wanting to reset my original wedding diamond for quite some time and finally stopped into Vardy's after reading so many great reviews on Yelp. I was immediately greeted by Elena who was so warm and welcoming. I described what I was looking for and she showed me exactly what I had envisioned. My original diamond was carefully removed, placed into a new setting and looks better than ever. The wait time was short, quality is amazing, and communication fantastic. It was such a wonderful experience that I can't wait for the next opportunity to refresh my other jewelry. Thanks so much Elena, Vardy, and staff!
  • Erika M.

    Erika M.

    When my fiance and I visit Vardy's, it's always a pleasurable experience. The customer service is outstanding, from the lovely and knowledgable associates to Vardy himself! My engagement ring has been in my fiance's family for over 15 years and was designed by Vardy himself!

    We went in to look at gold bands for our wedding and it couldn't have been a more effortless, more enjoyable experience. Tiana was accommodating and patient as we went back and forth on width and colors. I mentioned my sapphire in my ring was loose and she got Vardy to take a moment from his busy schedule to take a look. He came out and met with us and couldn't be any kinder, reinforcing the sapphire and polishing it in 7 minutes! This man is busy non-stop, but he found the time to help us! We purchased our bands and know that Vardy will be THE jewelry for our future family down the line.

    Thank you, Vardy and Tiana!
  • Leann P.

    Leann P.

    When I visited my mom recently she gave me some of her old jewelry. I wondered about its value so I visited Vardy. I walked in without an appointment. Vardy's assistant cleaned all my jewelry as waited for a consultation with Vardy. Vardy was welcoming and friendly and answered all my questions without charging me anything for the cleaning or consultation. I have my eye on a beautiful ring in his store and would be happy to give him in business in the future.
  • Aimee S.

    Aimee S.

    We were looking for a great jeweler to set our gem in our engagement ring for my husband and fortunately we met Vardy and his team that were able to custom make it!! Robert came out to consult with us and gave us expert advise on the design and measure the finger size. He gave us a quote and one week later we received a computer aided design (cad drawing) and two weeks later we tried the 3D printed mockup on. Three weeks later the ring was done just like what we wanted!

    We are extremely happy with their service and final outcome of the ring, and we recommend Vardy's to anyone looking for an amazing service and expertise on custom made jewelry!
  • Maria D.

    Maria D.

    Absolutely my favorite jewelry store in the Bay Area! The selection of jewelry is so beautiful, many designed by Vardy himself. They also create custom jewelry for you. I've had an old engagement ring made into a pendant and a custom designed baguette ring, which turned out gorgeous! I've purchased diamond earrings and a stunning Hearts on Fire ring. I've also had several rings resized for me. Elena is a fantastic salesperson and is very helpful in choosing the right jewelry. The sales staff is never pushy. If your looking for beautiful, high quality jewelry, this is the place.
  • M H.

    M H.

    My Mom went into Vardy's Jewelers and had an absolutely wonderful experience.  She's gifting a piece of jewelry to a family member. She assumed it was costume jewelry but wanted to confirm by having it looked at by a jeweler.  Elena, the store manager at Vardy's, was incredibly helpful and supportive.  She verified that it was real jewelry and went above and beyond by packaging it in one of Vardy's boxes and wrapping it nicely at no charge.  My Mom was blown away by the level of service and attention to detail and recommends going to Vardy's for all of your jewelry needs.
  • Sandra G.

    Sandra G.

    Had some family Jewellery. The Vardy's staff told me what was real and what was fake. More importantly they gave great advice about what to repair and what to repurpose
  • Alex P.

    Alex P.

    I came to this store because of the amazing yelp reviews and I can confirm this is truly a 5 star establishment! I came here to have a repair done on a bracelet. Because of the nature of the bracelet and the repair needed, it was a tricky repair. The owner came out to explain the process to me clearly so I felt confident about what needed to be done. Then he began working on the bracelet immediately so I was able to walk out with it fixed the same day. It is great to have a combination of complete expertise and amazing customer service in one place.

    After this great experience, I plan to come back here for any other repairs or purchases in the future. Highly recommend for all your jewelry needs!
  • Christian G.

    Christian G.

    My husband and I recently went to Vardy's Jewelers to get my wedding ring repaired and resized. Elena who was the one to help us made sure I was comfortable with the new size as well as clear on what needed to be fixed. My ring belonged to my husband's grandmother and Vardy's made sure to take good care of it throughout the process. We weren't in rush to get it back but they were finished with the repair and resizing pretty fast. Vardy's is very reasonably price as well. They are a family owned business and upon walking in, you can see their love for jewelry and their costumers. Upon pick up we were looking enough to meet the man himself, Vardy and he gave us a bit of a back story of how Vardy's became what it is today. Overall it was a great experience and we will be going to Vardy's every six months for the complementary cleaning. We highly recommend Vardy's for all of your jewelry needs.
  • Josephine K.

    Josephine K.

    Just got a bracelet fixed from Vardy's and it was a wonderful experience. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I was on a tight schedule but they were able to accommodate my repair quickly. I can't wait to come back to this charming jewelry shop.
  • Dayna Z.

    Dayna Z.

    I finally was able to visit again, after almost 3 years!  I was assisted today by Tiana & she was amazing. I called first to ask if they had the item I have been eyeing from online. She was super nice over the phone & decided to stop in.

    I was let in right away & most of the employees were busy, so I just started to browse. After a few minutes, Tiana came out to assist me. She was very helpful. I was interested in a diamond cross bracelet & knew I would buy it. Just needed to try it on as my wrist are very small. Didn't know if I needed to have it shortened. She called Vardy for his opinion & after he checked, he advised I shouldn't shorten the bracelet but if in the future I wanted to shorten then he would be happy to.

    After deciding on my bracelet, I wanted to see some loose diamonds. I've had my ring for over 10 yrs & have been thinking about upgrading the center diamond. I told Tiana exactly what I was looking for. She had 2 available to show me in the carat I am interested in. She was informative & answered all my questions. She even suggested I turn my current diamond into a pendant for a necklace & I never really thought of that.

    I have I'll definitely be back when I finally make my choice & also what I want to do with my current diamond. Hands down this is the best place to shop for jewelry.
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