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    Vardy's Jewelers Location: 10227 S De Anza Blvd Cupertino, CA 95014 Phone: +14084462900
  • D W.

    D W.

    There are plenty of jewelry stores in the South Bay, but I only know of one that has skilled craftsmen of the caliber that Vardy's employs, including Vardy himself. My most recent visit was to resize a particularly  tricky ring, which Vardy did beautifully, perfectly matching the pattern on the gold.
  • Lauren B.

    Lauren B.

    I recently inherited a few rings from my Aunt and not being too familiar with jewelry wanted to find out which had real stones and which did not. Vardy's was wonderful!  Vardy himself came out to help identify the rings and carefully looked them over. While I was waiting they even cleaned my wedding rings for me at no cost. Amazing customer service from Elena and Vardy.  Elena showed me some great options for what I can do to reset the stones into a necklace. I can't wait to go back to have a necklace made soon. So happy to have found a beautiful, friendly neighborhood jewelry store. Thank you Vardy's!
  • Amy B.

    Amy B.

    We had a beautiful ring that was passed down from a family member but was way too big, Vardy did an amazing job reworking it to put on a smaller band and swapping the platinum band for gold which is more my taste.  His staff is so friendly and efficient, my husband looked long and hard to find the right jeweler and Vardy was an excellent choice!
  • Kristina D.

    Kristina D.

    Pricy but beautiful jewelry that's fun and different. Thoughtful team. Had repair work on two bracelets done here and they both look great.
  • G G.

    G G.

    I wanted to reshape my wedding ring, so decided to go to Vardy's Jewelers, since before I had a great experience when I repaired some old jewelry. The owner of the store spent around 15 minutes to reshape my wedding ring.  He did a fantastic job, it looks like a new wedding ring. Congratulation Sir! You know how  to keep your customers happy. I will return in this store with pleasure.
  • Badri N.

    Badri N.

    Had a fantastic experience at Vardy's with Fanya and Elena. Beautiful shop with an incredible jewelry collection, especially diamonds and other precious stones.

    We had returned from a cruise and wanted to get some items we had purchased onboard valued. Fanya did a fantastic job at the store itself and gave us a good enough idea that we decided against a more formal valuation process. In the process saving us a few hundred dollars 🙂

    Extremely friendly, professional and courteous. This is the kind of family business that we like to patronize. This kind of personal touch is absolutely missing when you go to the big-name stores in the mega malls.

    While we didn't purchase anything that day, we still were extremely satisfied with the service and the friendliness and professionalism.
  • Donna A.

    Donna A.

    Vardy's has outstanding  selection of jewelry and quality of service! They have an array of beautifully designed diamonds, rubies, pearls, and precious  gems and metals! The Vardy's are skilled artist and craft men that create beauty for customers to cherish and enjoy! I highly recommend Vardy's Jewelers when you want the best!
  • Tim D.

    Tim D.

    Great jewelry and very helpful staff.                                                   .
  • Brad L.

    Brad L.

    The experience with Vardy and his wonderful family is far beyond our best expectations. We bought a nice Octagon piece of Tanzanite in Tanzania and wanted to make a beautiful ring with diamond on the ring. We talked to other jewelry designers before we came to Vardy's. Vardy explained to us in such details that we felt in taking a jewelry class. After we decided to let Vardy and his team to design and make the ring, Misha had worked so closely with us in the design process with very professional and great advice. The final product video that Misha sent to us is astonishing and beautiful. Earlier than promised delivery date, we went to pickup the ring and it is such a gorgeous piece which absolutely exemplifies Vardy's amazing craftsmanship and artistic talent. We couldn't be more pleased with such aesthetic beauty. Vardy and his family members, Fanya and Misha, are so wonderful and you feel like that you belong to their family. On the day when we picked up the customized ring, we also bought a beautifully designed and made emerald ring. What a great place to buy the absolutely gorgeous jewelry! Vardy's gets us as their loyal customer in a long term relationship! Thank you, Vardy's family!
  • Linda B.

    Linda B.

    I wish I could give Vardy's 10 stars!!!  We could not be any happier with our experience.  We received the highest level of service.  Vardy and their staff helped us select the perfect engagement ring and wedding band.  Vardy really went out of his way to educate us on what we were looking for.   We both learned a lot during this process.    You really feel the passion that he has for helping us find the perfect ring.  I also have to say that his jewelry is very high quality.  I honestly am so fortunate to have found such an amazing jeweler.
  • Terry G.

    Terry G.

    We've been to Vardy's several times for repair and cleaning of our wedding rings.  They have always done excellent work.  Most recently I somehow managed to smash my wedding band so flat that I could barely get it off my finger. It had the shape of a football!
    I dropped by Vardy's and within 10 minutes the jeweler there had made it round again, and they even polished it before returning it.  They will continue to be our jeweler of choice in Cupertino.
  • Leann P.

    Leann P.

    When I visited my mom recently she gave me some of her old jewelry. I wondered about its value so I visited Vardy. I walked in without an appointment. Vardy's assistant cleaned all my jewelry as waited for a consultation with Vardy. Vardy was welcoming and friendly and answered all my questions without charging me anything for the cleaning or consultation. I have my eye on a beautiful ring in his store and would be happy to give him in business in the future.
  • Lisa D.

    Lisa D.

    I am in dire need of needing to take care of my daily jewelry so I finally took the plunge to find a jeweler. So I haven't bought anything from Vardy's yet, but I did come in to get my rings re-plated and had a wonderful experience. Misha first told me that it would take a week which was fine and then on second thought he said it could get done right now if I wanted to wait. Waited about 30 minutes and my rings were done and beautifully cleaned. While I was in there, he saw another ring on my finger and offered to clean it as well. I think I will actually keep up with my jewelry maintenance now that I found the right jeweler.
  • Wendy S.

    Wendy S.

    I went here after walking out of another jewelry store that had given me shockingly bad customer service. Vardy's was a relief! From the moment I walked in, they greeted me warmly and made me feel valued as a customer. I was looking to buy a ring and was very particular about what I wanted. They were amazing and patiently walked me through the process. Very friendly, and asked me many questions in order to understand exactly what I was looking for. I left happy with a simple but elegant ring, and will definitely be coming back for more.
  • Grace Y.

    Grace Y.

    I brought in a necklace and a ring (both quite old and worn) that were given to me by family members because I was curious what they were made of. Tiana, Vardy, & everyone I met was so friendly and knowledgeable and were able to help me identify . They also cleaned and repaired my jewelry so now they look brand new and so shiny. Thank you so much!!! 🙂
  • S A.

    S A.

    Excellent customer service and quality! The staff is very helpful and willing to go above and beyond , even if they knew that I was not there for a purchase. I had a request to read my rings inscription and they did that willingly and with no charge , even when I offered.
    Along with that they also cleaned my ring and made it shiny...

    They have a lovely collection and I plan to go there soon to shop!

    Thank you Vardy's for your amazing customer service!

    Happy Holidays!!

  • Chris C.

    Chris C.

    I have been coming to Vardy's for several years and have never been disappointed by his work. I like to go down the unconventional path to modify jewelry peices I owned to make them multi-functional. Some are family heirlooms sitting in my jewelry box for years because they do not suit my style. Now they become my favorite pieces I wear regularly. Equally important Vardy accomodates my request using the gold melted from the heirlooms, which is important for sentimental reasons. Most of my requests are not straight-forward at all. Vardy is very experienced and is very pleasant to work with. He always comes up with great solutions to noval requests. I am very pleased with all the pieces we create together thus far.
  • T R.

    T R.

    Wonderful staff, service and jewelry.
    Always feel welcome when I stop in for repairs, jewelry cleaning or shopping!
  • Sandra G.

    Sandra G.

    Had some family Jewellery. The Vardy's staff told me what was real and what was fake. More importantly they gave great advice about what to repair and what to repurpose
  • Christian G.

    Christian G.

    My husband and I recently went to Vardy's Jewelers to get my wedding ring repaired and resized. Elena who was the one to help us made sure I was comfortable with the new size as well as clear on what needed to be fixed. My ring belonged to my husband's grandmother and Vardy's made sure to take good care of it throughout the process. We weren't in rush to get it back but they were finished with the repair and resizing pretty fast. Vardy's is very reasonably price as well. They are a family owned business and upon walking in, you can see their love for jewelry and their costumers. Upon pick up we were looking enough to meet the man himself, Vardy and he gave us a bit of a back story of how Vardy's became what it is today. Overall it was a great experience and we will be going to Vardy's every six months for the complementary cleaning. We highly recommend Vardy's for all of your jewelry needs.
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