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  • Patrick A.

    Patrick A.

    I went yesterday to discuss making a ring with an emerald that I bought in Colombia and they were very welcoming. I really appreciated their positive attitude and assurance that they could make the ring I wanted. I look forward to seeing their work and giving a review based on their product. Thanks for making the beginning of the journey pleasant.
  • Eva R.

    Eva R.

    Every single person at Vardy's was absolutely lovely. My ring was cleaned, checked, and replated while I was browsing and I had the pleasure of interacting with just about everyone who was working (and Abby the dog!). They could not have been warmer or friendlier, and we will definitely be back! My ring looks beautiful and I couldn't be happier.
  • Lillian Y.

    Lillian Y.

    I had such a positive experience with Vardy's and his whole team. I wanted to make some changes to my engagement ring so I sent a message through Yelp first and they were so quick to respond. I then brought it into Vardy's and Steve was who we worked with. I am an indecisive person and wasn't sure what I wanted, but Steve offered his expert advice and though I felt it was a complicated alteration he checked with Vardy first and then told me that my vision could be completed and that it would be no problem. I appreciated that he didn't give me empty promises but made sure with Vardy first before I got my hopes up. I went back to get my ring a few weeks later and it was exactly what I was looking for.

    A few months later I wanted to change a small part of my ring again (see above where I am indecisive haha). There was a part of the initial design that jutted out a bit such that a wedding band wouldn't be able to sit flush. I realized that this bothered me and wanted to change it. Vardy himself inspected my ring and also asked me to bring in my wedding band so he could be certain. He told me he could alter the basket a bit to get it done without making a whole new design (which would have cost a lot more). He really went to lengths to help me save money but also valued the integrity of the design and the vision I wanted for my ring.    

    I really loved my experience at Vardy's and would highly recommend them to everyone! Thanks so much Vardy and the team, I love my engagement ring and it is absolutely perfect.
  • Val C.

    Val C.

    This is a VERY overdue review. Where to begin...
    It started out almost 2 years ago. My boyfriend then searched and found this family run jeweler shop called Vardys. We stopped by, chatted with Vardy where he spent an hour explaining the differences in diamonds. We came back weeks later and instantly connected with his son, Misha. We wanted to design my engagement ring with some combination of ring elements that I liked. What was a lot of headache and worry was instantly gone. Misha made us feel like we had all been friends for a long time. He was extremely patient with all my concerns and constant tweaking of design ( I am very picky.. literally every element had to be perfect or I was not satisfied) and a few months later, we had our finished product. We literally almost went in every Saturday to chat and calm my fears. He never looked in any way upset every time I changed my mind. His goal was clearly to make me my dream engagement ring and he would not let me even have one drop of doubt. I was so happy with the result and my experience, that my husband and I had our wedding bands made here as well.

    I speak extremely highly of Misha because he was our go to, however it was very apparent everyone who works here is just as wonderful. This is an establishment of high quality service and they definitely deliver.  Don't hesitate - you will not be disappointed!
  • Laura N.

    Laura N.

    I cannot put into words how happy I am to have found Vardy's Jewelers. I recently got engaged, and inherited my great-grandmothers engagement ring bought in 1946. The band is significantly too big, and so I needed it resized. I took it to 3 other jewelers before Vardy's, and they all said they could not resize it due to the structure of the ring. The ring has two baguette stones on either side of the center stone, and due to the size of my finger (3.5), they said it simply couldn't be done because of those stones and their placement.

    So they all suggested taking the ring apart and resetting the stones on a new band. I REALLY didn't want to do this because I wanted to maintain the integrity of my great-grandmothers ring rather than tearing it apart. I brought it to Vardy's as my last hope, and Vardy took one look at it and said "of course I can do it". Not to mention Vardy's was the first jeweler where I actually got to talk straight with the jeweler rather than a "representative" or secretary in the front area.

    Everyone I interacted with at Vardy's made me feel so taken care of. They even cleaned the rings my mom was wearing while she was with me for free. I felt so comfortable leaving my ring with Vardy's to be re-sized. When I picked it up two weeks later, I couldn't believe how great it looked and fit! I will never ever go to any jeweler other than Vardy's from now on. They are the real deal and are true professionals. They show it with their customer service and with the quality work they do. Don't waste your time like I did trying other jewelers first!
  • Meuy S.

    Meuy S.

    Long overdue review for Vardy's!

    When I started looking for my engagement ring 2 years ago, I stumbled upon Vardy's. I couldn't find any ring that fit what I had in mind and wanted to create a custom ring.

    Our first experience was with Fanya. She is extremely friendly and welcoming. She made the whole experience easy and comfortable for my now Husband.

    Our next experience was with Misha. Misha is the brain behind creating the ring that I had in mind. I probably sent over 5 edits on my CAD design and Misha executed each edit perfectly. We are extremely in love with the engagement ring he created for me. I spent a week looking at its beauty after the proposal. It's definitely unique--antique with a modern flair.

    When it was time to look for our wedding bands, we knew we wanted to come back to Vardy's. Misha, again, helped with the CAD design for my band and Fanya helped my husband pick out his band.

    The Vardy Family has been a pleasure to work and interact with--from Fanya to Misha, Elena and even Vardy himself! It's always a welcoming and exciting experience whenever we step into the shop.

    If you want a unique, personalized experience when shopping for your engagement ring, bands, jewelry, or even custom designing like we did, I highly recommend Vardy's.
  • Amanda B.

    Amanda B.

    I have a very uniquely shaped vintage engagement ring. My fiance (now husband) and I knew that we would likely have to get a custom wedding band made to fit with the engagement ring. Misha was AMAZING! He met with me multiple times to get a feel for the type of style I was looking for. He gave suggestions, offered options, and really listened to what I was wanting in the band. In the end he created a ring that fits beautifully with my vintage ring. It complements the engagement ring perfectly but has so many beautiful details that the band could be worn on its own.
  • Ghina K.

    Ghina K.

    We wanted to use a vintage diamond and shopped around town for the right jeweler. I thought custom work would be out of our price range but was pleasantly surprised! We first visited the Shane Co., who quoted us about $800 to set the diamond alone, and had a very limited selection of the setting I wanted.

    We went to Vardy's shortly after and had a much more pleasant experience overall. Elena was very attentive and knowledgeable. She provided a quote we were comfortable with and then introduced us to Misha, who would ultimately craft the ring.

    Misha was amazing to work with. He had the CAD design ready for review the following week and was very quick about revisions. After the CAD drawing was approved, he had the wax model ready the following week, which I signed off on immediately. The final ring was ready a couple of weeks later. We were so happy with the result and were really glad we chose a custom Vardy's ring. They delivered the exact ring I wanted. We will be definitely coming back for our custom bands!
  • Ashlye V.

    Ashlye V.

    I came in to Vardy's for a simple fix to the broken chain on my necklace. My experience was so delightful. Not only did they not charge me for the simple fix, but I had a wonderful time talking with Vardy and his staff, and just really loved my experience and being introduced to this family establishment. I would recommend anyone to come here.
  • Amir R.

    Amir R.

    Vardy is not only the best at what he does but his humble attitude makes the whole experience amazing. We've been here three times now and each one was personal and warm. Vardy and the team really make you feel like you're the most important customer. They go above and beyond. We got a custom wedding ring made here and from the first time we came we decided this would be our personal and exclusive jewelry store.
    The jewelry is beautiful, the service is professional, and the experience memorable.
    Would absolutely recommend!
  • Matt H.

    Matt H.

    Awesome customer service - extremely friendly and professional staff, as always. Not like those other jewelers that only treat you nice if they suspect you are going to buy something. Some of us may just be browsing now, but might decide to make a purchase later on down the road.. who knows. Anyway, thank you! :)
  • Krishan G.

    Krishan G.

    I bought my wife's engagement ring here. Nearly 10 years later the customer service is still amazing.
  • C D.

    C D.

    Vardy's and his family are class acts-old school customer service (increasingly sooo hard to come by), a kind atmosphere (his daughter baked fresh cookies) and last but not least a strong craft.

    My girlfriend broke her necklace and they took care of her while we waited. A total class act. Highly recommend
  • Qian G.

    Qian G.

    I have thought about changing the setting of my engagement ring for a long time. Couple of weeks ago I walked into Vardy's with my husband and kids on our way to grocery store just to take a look. Steve helped us to find the halo setting I like in 20 mins. He is so kind he even gave treats to my kids. Today they put my engagement ring diamond to the new setting. It only took an hour, and my new ring looks so beautiful. It exceeds my expectations. I can't stop staring at it the whole day. Thank you Vardy's!
  • Kiran K.

    Kiran K.

    I know basically nothing about jewelry, and I needed to get my very simple white gold wedding band resized. Vardy was fantastic. He and another employee Elena (?) were both very friendly, made sure I knew exactly what I wanted, did not try to upsell me on anything, and gave me a very good rate (by Bay Area standards at least) on a resize and polish. The ring was finished several days earlier than expected, and it fits perfectly and looks brand new! Highly recommend this place.
  • Katie L.

    Katie L.

    Vardy's is so kind and such a pleasure to deal with!! He's very honest and extremely knowledgeable, I'll definitely be working with him in the future.
  • Christopher S.

    Christopher S.

    I needed to get a ring that my fiancé had bought online resized by about .5mm to .75mm. I took it one jeweler in Valley Fair and I was quoted about $110. I later took it to two other jewellers in Sunnyvale and they claimed they weren't able to because of the hammered design of the ring; one even said to just return the ring and buy a similar one from him but more expensive!

    We decided to get one more jeweller's opinion - Vardy's. I told him what I needed done and it took him just 5 minutes. No cutting and soldering of any kind. Just a slight modification to ensure my ring doesn't slip off my finger. He was generous to do it at no cost to me.

    I'm surprised that the other jewellers didn't do this in the first place! Vardy certainly has the expertise in the area. Will definitely return should I need any jewelry repaired.

    Tänan väga!
  • Jovan H.

    Jovan H.

    My time at Vardy's was nothing but exceptional. I came in a couple months in advance before the proposal. Had no clue what I was doing but meeting Vardy and learning from an expert off the bat was very comforting. He gave me advice and never once tried to sell me anything. He just took my idea of a ring and gave me the best he could that also fit right in my budget.

    When he found my diamond I was in shock to how beautiful it was.  He did an amazing job. At first I wasn't sure about a setting so we came up with a plan to use a loaner ring with just the diamond so I could propose and she could come in after and pick her setting.

    Some time passed by and I thought to myself once she puts this ring on she's definitely not going to want to take it off. So I decided to finish it and I brought it in to Misha because Vardy was on vacation and Misha is a expert of his craft. He made my vision come true and it was unbelievably beautiful when it was finished. Could not be more happy with the service (they make you feel like family) and engagement ring. I would absolutely refer them to anyone and everyone because any person who was in my position should have the opportunity to work with Vardy's.
  • Trevor C.

    Trevor C.

    Misha is the man! All the staff is welcoming and you can tell it's a family business. Really appreciate the time they take to cater to specific needs. Love my custom ring and I'll keep going back for my wife's goodies as needed! :)
  • Eliza C.

    Eliza C.

    I have been going to Vardy's for over a year and could not trust, be more confident in the quality, honesty and service than any other jeweler. I adjusted a tennis bracelet and wanted to make a ring with the extra stones. They did such a beautiful job. The craftsmanship, setting and quality was exquisite. They also melted down an older tennis bracelet to make a men's pinky ring and I was amazed at how well it turned out. They do wonderful work, no matter how small the work- broken clasp on a bracelet, resize a ring, etc.
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