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  • Thao N.

    Thao N.

    I could not have asked for a better experience! Everyone at Vardy's is so friendly and helpful. My fiance and I never felt like we were being pressured or talked down to. We were always made to feel like we were friends of everyone there! I would recommend coming here to anyone looking for quality jewelry.

    My boyfriend and I came in for the first time in early August to start shopping. Elena took a look at my reference photos and immediately pinned down what I was looking for. However, she didn't pressure us to buy or try to convince us to go bigger. Instead, she encouraged us to continue shopping until we found what we loved and then come back.

    We didn't encounter such nice and friendly service anywhere else we went, so we quickly came back and got started on designing a custom ring with Misha, Vardy, and Elena in September. Vardy took down our specs for a diamond and helped us figure out what we could adjust to get the most bang for our buck. Once he found a diamond that fit our budget, Misha got to work on designing my ring.

    He worked closely with my boyfriend to design the ring of my dreams down to the millimeter (this is not an exaggeration)! Once the design was approved, he created a wax mold which we got  to keep. Two weeks later, the ring was ready and perfect. It's better than I could've imagined and everyone who's seen it, loves it. Pictures don't really do it justice.
  • Patrick A.

    Patrick A.

    I went yesterday to discuss making a ring with an emerald that I bought in Colombia and they were very welcoming. I really appreciated their positive attitude and assurance that they could make the ring I wanted. I look forward to seeing their work and giving a review based on their product. Thanks for making the beginning of the journey pleasant.
  • Aviana D.

    Aviana D.

    Vardy's is one of a kind just like their jewelry. It has been such a pleasure working with Fanya, Vardy, and the team. Not only do they have incredible craftsmanship and customer service but they also support their communities. Cannot say enough about this incredible store and family.
  • Dale B.

    Dale B.

    I have known Vardy's for many years, in many capacities...they have always been more than helpful. Vardy has designed most all my jewelry, and I have gotten many, many compliments. The entire Vardy family is wonderful, everyone working there is more than helpful. I recommend them highly!
  • Laura N.

    Laura N.

    I cannot put into words how happy I am to have found Vardy's Jewelers. I recently got engaged, and inherited my great-grandmothers engagement ring bought in 1946. The band is significantly too big, and so I needed it resized. I took it to 3 other jewelers before Vardy's, and they all said they could not resize it due to the structure of the ring. The ring has two baguette stones on either side of the center stone, and due to the size of my finger (3.5), they said it simply couldn't be done because of those stones and their placement.

    So they all suggested taking the ring apart and resetting the stones on a new band. I REALLY didn't want to do this because I wanted to maintain the integrity of my great-grandmothers ring rather than tearing it apart. I brought it to Vardy's as my last hope, and Vardy took one look at it and said "of course I can do it". Not to mention Vardy's was the first jeweler where I actually got to talk straight with the jeweler rather than a "representative" or secretary in the front area.

    Everyone I interacted with at Vardy's made me feel so taken care of. They even cleaned the rings my mom was wearing while she was with me for free. I felt so comfortable leaving my ring with Vardy's to be re-sized. When I picked it up two weeks later, I couldn't believe how great it looked and fit! I will never ever go to any jeweler other than Vardy's from now on. They are the real deal and are true professionals. They show it with their customer service and with the quality work they do. Don't waste your time like I did trying other jewelers first!
  • Andrena D.

    Andrena D.

    Amazing restoration of a ring that was I thought on its last legs. Vardy is a magician I felt like I was at Olivanders. Stop looking right now and go get your rings fixed here.
    Also the staff are fantastic. Sam is very very kind.
  • Megan N.

    Megan N.

    I went to Vardys to create a custom made engagement ring and their customer service was amazing! Sam and Misha were in constant communication especially during these covid times. Would definitely work with them again! :)
  • Nadine Y.

    Nadine Y.

    Phenomenal place if you want to get jewelry especially engagement rings! My boyfriend (now fiance) got my engagement ring customized there. We wanted a place that felt like home to use when customizing my engagement ring and we actually went to about 6 different places until we found Vardy's.

    When we stepped into the shop, we were greeted by Elena and we told her we wanted to customize my engagement ring. She was very patient with us and listened to what I wanted in a ring. It was a great experience because during our meeting with Elena, we met with Vardy who really gave us his honest opinion about my thoughts regarding my ring. He was really kind, but truthful when it came to the design of my ring. He told me that with the work I do, I probably shouldn't get a ring that is unprotected and he gave me options as to what would be good for me. He really took the time to explain the different types of rings, the styles such as cathedral, the 4 Cs and the different types of metal for rings. After speaking with him and Elena, we decided this was the place for us to customize my ring because of how honest they were with us, how we felt at home, and that everyone who worked that was amazing!

    We then got in touch with Misha who honestly did a SPECTACULAR job with my ring. He explained the process of customizing and designing a ring thoroughly. What I liked about working with Misha on my ring was that he said if I found a design or something that I liked on the internet or on Pinterest, send it to him and he would try to do something along those lines without copying it fully. He was easy to e-mail with and he always updated us on how the process was going. He even did a 3D print of the ring to let us see what it would look like. In the end, if I could customize another ring with him, I would.

    Splendid job and I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend coming to this place if you are looking to customize a ring.
  • Carol C.

    Carol C.

    I came last year to pick out my wedding band. My engagement ring has a very low set diamond so the traditional circle band was not going to work with it. Elena was super patient with us, showed us everything in the case and let me try them on. During that same visit we picked out the perfect ring for me and for my Fiance at the time. The rings were resized, thoroughly cleaned, & engraved with plenty of time before the wedding was scheduled for. Fast forward to 1 year later, I had regretted not buying 2 of the bands as they stacked perfectly. I kept looking at the picture that I had taken with both bands, but realized that I didn't want two of the same bands and that I wanted something custom, but fit with my band & engagement ring.  

    I took my rings to get deep cleaned in preparation for a photoshoot that we were doing in lieu of our wedding (canceled due to COVID) when I was talking with Fanya about a custom ring. I had an idea in my mind and pictures of similar, but not exact rings. I described it to Fanya of what I was thinking of and she took off with it. What I wanted was a mermaid colored ombre type band with dark purple fading to blue in the exact style ring that my wedding band was so that I could stack them all together. She immediately said sapphires, platinum, yes we can do this.

    It took about two months due to the shipping of the sapphires from Thailand (another thing covid gave us). When she had the stones, she updated me often with pictures of the stones, CAD images, and drawings.

    Yesterday 10/15 I got the text that I was waiting for, my ring was ready! Rather than leaving work half way, I tried to be patient. Fanya said I could come in at 5:30 after work. When I saw it, I was in love. It was perfect! The colors blended seamlessly together and it didn't look cheap like costume jewelry (like similar rings on the internet). She did an AMAZING JOB. Her staff that was helping me finish my purchase were super sweet and friendly and so so knowledgeable. They don't rush you, they understand your budget & work hard to give you what you dream of! I will definitely be back soon for another piece :).
  • Alana F.

    Alana F.

    I went here based on the reviews and they were super nice and helpful. They are fixing a diamond setting now and gave me a quote on my wedding band that needs a lot of TLC after 9 years. I couldn't do the band just yet but they said it will look like new when done. Happy to do an update when everything is done!
  • Peter P.

    Peter P.

    I unfortunately hurt my left hand ring finger a little over a year ago playing basketball and it had swelled up pretty bad within a few hours.  I initially panicked because I couldn't take my ring off but stumbled upon the string method (YouTube) and was able to avoid going to the emergency room.  Eventually had the doctor look at it only to find out that the middle bone of the finger is permanently out of place.  So that meant I had to resize my ring.

    We are so fortunate to find Vardy's.  Vardy really goes way beyond any customer service I ever experienced.

    About a year ago, when resizing the ring, it was difficult to figure out the right size to fit over the bone, but we gave it a best guess.

    Well a year passes by, and the swelling on the finger gradually went down even more than expected.  I finally realized that I had to resize the ring again.

    Ofcourse I went back to Vardy's and saw Vardy leave to run an errand.  He assured me that someone will take care of me.  Well the person helping me wanted to charge me full price to resize the ring.  And he told me it was going to take two weeks.  I told him I expected at least a discount since I had resized the ring about a year ago, but he was sticking to his guns and said 6 months was the cutoff point and they wouldn't have done it for a whole size difference either.  Well paying full price seemed unreasonable to me so I began walking out.  And I ran into Vardy.  I told him what happened to my finger and he just looked at my ring and said come back in 30 minutes.

    And that's what he did.  I'm still a bit stunned at how quickly he did it and with a care towards my situation.  

    As all the reviews on here affirms, Vardy simply cares about his customers!  They do most if not all of their own services there at the store and he's an expert with both jewels and people.  You need to come here and experience this!
  • Dayna Z.

    Dayna Z.

    Once again Misha has exceeded my expectations!  He customized 2 wedding bands for my engagement ring & it turned out better than I could have ever imagined!  This is why I continue to go here & recommend all my friends/family.
  • Saumya S.

    Saumya S.

    When my fiancé and I started ring shopping , we were totally clueless. Everyone at Vardy's is just so helpful , and they're more about finding the correct diamond for each individual rather than just selling. Elaina was super helpful and walked us through how to select the stone, what to look for and showed us differences amongst different qualities.
    The ring came out beautifully and the craftsmanship is unbeatable. Thank you again !
  • Igor P.

    Igor P.

    I have known Vardy for a very long time. He and his team are amazing in every aspect of finding and making the most amazing jewelry piece you can think of. Vardy was able to combine some rings that I had and add a beautiful diamond to make a stunning engagement ring for my fiance. It was done in a very timely manner and the work was superb. My fiance and I are very happy with the result. Thanks again Vardy.
  • Nandish S.

    Nandish S.

    Me and my fiancé started ring shopping and I was totally unaware of how to purchase engagement rings. A couple of friends recommended Vardy's to us and we went in and I was over the moon. Elena was super amazing to help us figure out what was best for us rather than upselling us and she found a great diamond for us which was exactly what we wanted and in our budget. Vardy himself customized our ring and the finishing was on-point!!

    The customer service is awesome. After purchasing the ring, we went after a couple of days to get a wedding band and they cleaned my fiancé's ring on the spot. I would highly recommend Vardy's!!
  • Haeun K.

    Haeun K.

    They already have enough 5 star reviews but I wanted to thank them for working with us and creating a masterpiece family heirloom. I had a design of an antique Art Deco ring I saw online and a family diamond, and Misha worked with my fiancé to make a 3D version, the ring, design missing pieces not captured in pictures and recut an old diamond to maximize brilliance. When it was time for our wedding, he helped us design a custom wedding band with incredibly modern curves that fit the ring perfectly. Thank you again team. The entire process was stress free, white glove, and fair.
  • Jill R.

    Jill R.

    All my sister's jewelry burned up in the Paradise fire and it was a black tangled mess.  I had almost given up trying to restore it but Mr. Vardy patiently reviewed all of the jewelry with me and counseled which ones could potentially be saved--no promises.  I was delighted to surprise my sister with 20 fully restored pieces, a gold nugget, and many recovered and restored loose gems, all thanks to Mr. Vardy's patient work.  I am not sure how long it took him, but it was worth every penny.  Thanks again Mr. Vardy--you are a real class act.
  • Sheryl T.

    Sheryl T.

    My bf (now fiancé) proposed over the weekend and he wanted to make it a complete surprise. The ring he chose from another place was one size too big. Our friends recommended Vardy's and their service was way beyond anything we imagined.

    We were going out of town the next day, so we just went in to check their ring resizing prices. They have a doorbell to enter and we were immediately greeted by Elena. She was so friendly and sweet. We explained our situation and that we would have to come back to resize the ring because we were going out of town the next day and wanted to show the ring to my parents. Elena took the ring to the back room behind a glass window to ask the jeweler how long it would take to resize the ring. Misha came out and personally told us he would have it done by the next day with enough time before our flight!
    My fiancé and I were both so thrilled that they were so accommodating  because normally the turnaround time for ring resizing is 5-7days.

    Misha actually resized my ring the same day and called me that night for pickup! Unfortunately, I work evening shift and couldn't pick it up until the next day. I guess I also missed their voicemail, so I called them to make sure it was ready for pickup. A man answered and put me on a brief hold. I was so glad he did because the music that started playing was "Diamonds" by Rihanna  (How perfect is that?!). Of course the ring was ready but I found it funny/cool that they paid attention to such small details with their store. When I went to pick up the ring, it was perfect. My ring looked exactly the same, only now it fit perfectly!

    Summary: They went out of their way and promised to have my engagement ring resized by the next day, but had it ready that same night! The ring looks exactly the same but now with my right size. Pricing is great and they treat you like family. You can tell they take immense pride in their work. Misha sized my ring and Elena was our associate and we even got to meet Vardy himself! We are beyond thrilled with our experience at Vardy's and will definitely be back. My fiancé said now we have a "family jeweler" :)
  • Rohit V.

    Rohit V.

    Great store. They made me feel very comfortable. Alisa was very forthcoming. I wanted to get a wedding band ring for my wedding anniversary and Alisa explained to me all the options. She helped me choose something that fits my needs. Misha helped in sizing the ring for me and he went out of his way to polish the jewelry I had with me. I brought my wife's ring just to ensure the size.

    This is a good place compared to brand names. Highly recommended. Thank you Vardys.
  • Priya ..

    Priya ..

    Absolutely phenomenal experience, my fiancé and I were looking into purchasing an custom engagement ring. The entire Vardy's Team was extremely patient throughout the entire design process and multiple iterations until we developed the final version. Misha led our design process and was extremely thoughtful & creative with his suggestions. They even provide a wax model to show you the exact design prior to crafting the final version which is SO helpful. We couldn't be happier with how the ring turned out, it's truly special and we had a wonderful experience overall! There's no question we'll be back for all our future jewelry needs!
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