A Complete Guide To Wearing
Bracelets With Style


It’s official, bracelets look good no matter what style they are!
Whether you have a life-saving medical bracelet, or you’re looking to accentuate your style,
these accessories can be the vital piece missing in your daily attire.

What does wearing bracelets mean?

When it comes to style and personality, these jewelry pieces come in handy if you want to make a statement or add a bit of extra sparkle and shine. Bracelets are unquestionably the best option if you want to embrace your style with glamour or grace.

Vardy`s Bangle Bracelets

Striking tennis bracelets, charming and stunning diamond bangles, sleek paper clip, cuban, rope, or franco chains, and dreamy colored stone bracelets are among the perfect items for letting your personality shine through.

Striking Tennis Bracelets

The classic staple that will set you apart. The iconic tennis bracelets date back to the moment when Chris Evert was playing a tennis match in 1987, and her bracelet flew off her arm. She actually stopped the game to look for it, and thus the term “tennis bracelet” was coined. 

Tennis Bracelet

Tennis bracelets are extremely versatile, meaning they can be worn not only on special occasions, but in everyday life. For a striking but subtle look, you might want to go for a single diamond tennis bracelet, however, it can definitely be layered with other accessories in a playful but charming way. 

Charming and Stunning Bangles

Talking about charm and glamour, bangles are a perfect way for you to embody eye-catching fashion jewelry to represent your uniqueness. If you are into jewelry stacking, bangles are the choice for you.

Gold Bangle Bracelet

These are a must-have if you want a piece that can be worn with both day and night outfits. You can also use them to experiment with texture while creating your look. This trick is great for including contrast; it helps to better visualize the layers and adds interest and depth to your stack.

Chain Bracelets

Nothing says classic and timeless like chain bracelets. One thing we can all agree on is that it is impossible to go wrong with these sleek wrist accessories . Each one brings its own unique style. Among them are cubans, ropes, francos, paper clips,
figaros, classic cable, link chain and more; the possibilities are endless.

Chain Bracelet

The best thing about these bracelets is that they combine the best of both worlds: high fashion and simplicity because they add the perfect touch of refinement to your outfit. Besides, anyone can wear them, since they work perfectly for women and men.

Colored Stone Bracelets

Colored stone bracelets are so romantic and radiant that it is impossible to resist them.
Think of a more style-defining piece that exudes charm so boldly! 

Not to mention the power that gemstones bring to the table. Each one has a special meaning adding sentimental
significance to your bracelet and personal style.

With that said, stay true to your style. Be bold, be fashion forward, be classic.

Where to shop for bracelets in Cupertino, CA

Here at Vardy’s Jewelers, we share a passion for beautiful jewelry and exceptional customer care as a family business in Cupertino since 1981. In addition, you’ll have many benefits when buying with us, such as personal customer service, lifetime warranty, lifetime diamond upgrade, free engraving, and much more.

Vardy's Jewelers

Our decades of expertise in the European tradition ensure that we always make one-of-a-kind pieces, turning our store into the right place to pick the perfect bracelets for you. If you’ve heard about permanent jewelry, come by our pop-up shop (on October 29th), where chains of every design will be soldered at the ideal length right onto your wrist.   

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