Custom Designs

From classic to contemporary, custom designs are limited only by your imagination
When you’re looking for jewelry pieces, custom jewelry design may be the most loved. Whether you are talking about individual chains, single earrings, cufflinks, pearls, rings, pendants, brooches or something else, having your own custom jewelry design is something really special.

Original Custom Jewelry Designs
If you have a concept, an idea, or a specific vision that you’d like to have made into jewelry then this is one of the most innovative ways to have your custom jewelry design seen through. Whether it’s an idea based around a stone, an image, or a concept, a custom piece really says to the recipient that you gave this some thought. If you are designing jewelry for yourself to wear that may be an even bolder way for you to make your style stand out!

Rejuvenation of Existing Jewelry Pieces
For a unique twist on custom-crafted jewelry, bring in your outdated or broken pieces to create something new – a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece – at a fraction of the price. Maybe you have some old pearls which were a family heirloom; rather than letting them sit in your lock-box you can turn those into a stunning new necklace. Taking older pieces for nieces and nephews, daughters and sons is another fine way to take the old and make it new again.Check your jewelry box for:

  • Broken chains
  • Single earrings
  • Cufflinks
  • Unstrung pearls
  • Old rings
  • Pendants
  • Brooches

Vardy’s will design something personal, sentimental, and unique, that will become a family treasure for generations to come.

Vardy's Jewelers - Custom Designs