Vardy Shtein

Founder, President, & Master Goldsmith

Vardy is a master European goldsmith with 40 years experience. As a designer he combines artistry with exceptional customer service. He is proud of his family-run store, where they blend old-fashion tradition and values with the latest technology and styles.

Vardy began his career in Tallinn, the capitol city of Estonia, as an apprentice to fine jewelers. Tallinn has long been known for its jewelers’ craft.The famous House of Fabergé opened a workshop there to create exquisite jewelry for royalty. After 11 years of designing in Europe he immigrated to the United States to achieve the American Dream.

He honed his skills by repairing and designing fine jewelry for discerning local jewelry stores. Within a short period, he established his own store built on a strong following and excellent reputation. Since 1981, Vardy’s Jewelers has flourished in Cupertino.

Today, Vardy celebrates his success by giving back to the local community that has been instrumental to that success. Supporting non-profit organizations and local charities is his way of thanking the community for the support that his young family received when they first arrived to this country. Vardy is a dedicated Rotarian and has sponsored the Canary Foundation, Diabetes Society, Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, St. Joseph’s School, Jewish Community Services, Child Advocates, Alliance for Community Care, and the Cupertino Educational Endowment Fund.

Hearts on Fire Awards and Accolades

  • Hearts on Fire Champion, starting in 1997
  • 2009 “Hearts on Fire” Certified Service Center
  • 2010/11/12 “Hearts on Fire” Champions