From David and Mary-“Lovelock Bridge in Paris”:

I ran five minutes down the street from our hotel to the Pont des Arts, a famous pedestrian bridge connecting the Louvre to the French Institute. Couples come to this bridge and attach a padlock with their initials inscribed in it and then throw the keys into the Seine River to ensure that no one can ever unlock it. Before leaving California, I bought an antique padlock and had Vardy’s engrave “Amour Ãcternel, Mary & David, 11/11/11” on it’s face.

I found a spot that was near the middle of the bridge and had a nice backdrop, perfect for the covert photographer I hired to capture the whole thing. Just before five o’clock we left the hotel room and I discreetly called the photographer from my cellphone in my coat pocket so that he would be alerted that we were on the move and to look for us. I hadn’t met the photographer face-to-face, only a picture of us and a description of what I would be wearing that evening. I was relying on faith and hope that he would somehow recognize us and follow the right couple as we walked out of the hotel. I noticed him right away and saw that he began following us as we walked down the street. That was a relief.

As we were crossing the bridge I made a comment about how we should get a lock and attach it before we leave Paris. Mary agreed, but then started talking about getting a pink padlock or something. I pointed to our lock and said, “I was thinking something more like this one.” She leaned over to look at it, froze, then leaned in closer.

At this point I got down on one knee and when she turned around I asked her to marry me. She didn’t say yes or take her ring right away, instead she lifted me off the ground and kissed me, after which I had to ask her, “so do you want your ring?”

After I heard the “YES” and got the ring on her finger I reached in to my pocket and pulled out the keys to the padlock. After throwing the keys into the river, I then pointed out that the guy who was now in our face taking pictures was the photographer I hired, “Smile you’re on candid camera!”

We took a few more pictures on the bridge and then at the Louvre. At half past five the horse-drawn carriage arrived and whisked us away on tour of Paris ending at the Eiffel Tower. We then enjoyed some fine French cuisine and wine at Le Jules Verne, atop the Eiffel Tower.

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