Online purchases are great for endless products but not for one of the most important purchases of your life. Here are 10 reasons why a diamond should be purchased in a store:

  1. Do you ever wonder why there are different prices for diamonds that have the same size, color, clarity and cut? The obvious answer is that when you compare them side by side, you will be able to see that one is better than the other. How do you pick one from an inventory list? Would you pick the most expensive one or the lowest priced one? The truth is it doesn’t really matter because you won’t have a comparison when you buy it online. You will probably like it when you see it but did you really get the most for your money?
  2. Buying a diamond online is not different from online dating. The picture and profile may look great, but when you see the diamond in person, it turns out to be a Cubic Zirconia.
  3. Most of the internet diamond dealers do not own their inventory. If you call to ask how a diamond looks, they would have no idea. Do you really want to buy a diamond that no one knows if it is pretty or not?
  4. It is an urban myth that the internet offers the lowest price. When it comes to diamonds, there is no longer a “retail” price verses “wholesale” price. Diamonds are sold according to the Rap Report (wholesale price index) and profits are few if any. It is our policy to beat the lowest internet price if the diamonds are exactly alike.
  5. Buying a diamond is a contact sport, you must have it in your hands and be able to touch it and see it. The diamond has to speak to you! Don’t waste your time on looking for diamonds that are voiceless and not brilliant.
  6. Diamond certification matters but it is only part of the diamond buying requirement. It helps you to make a rational decision on buying something that is entirely irrational (like spending 3 months’ salary all at once!). It is also important that you are completely “Wowed” in person.
  7. Isn’t it ironic that someone can purchase a diamond and an engagement ring setting online unseen but has a hard time finding someone they can trust to set it? Trust is really important when it comes to buying your engagement ring. If you can trust a jeweler to set your diamond you can trust the jeweler to find you the perfect ring within your price range.
  8. Not every ring can be sized. Every time we size a ring that has a halo and pave setting, we have to tighten every tiny diamonds. Some rings are not structured to be sized and have to be made to fit your finger. We have many cases where customers have to return their rings because no one is able to size it. Keep in mind that online vendors would not be able to service your most meaningful piece of jewelry.
  9. Every diamond is like a snowflake. There is infinite variation of clarity within the same grade. It is extremely important that you are able to see the location and shape of the inclusions.
  10. It really takes the romance out of proposing to the love of your life when you buy a diamond that you don’t get to see until it’s arrival. Think of buying your engagement ring like finding the right person, you have to look hard and meet many Cubic Zirconia.

Why We're Different

Our jewelry is handmade in our family-owned store in Cupertino, California. We are accredited jewelry professionals as well as a certified Green Business. We carry the best selection of colored gemstones in the Bay Area and can cut your emeralds, rubies, sapphires and other gems in our workshop.

We source diamonds or other fine jewelry from the world's best vendors like Hearts on Fire (TM). We are a top producer for Hearts on Fire (15 years and counting) and are one of only 25 HOF certified repair centers in the world.


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